Christ the King CVA

Physical Education

Physical Education is taught as a stand-alone subject, with a specific focus on the development of fine/gross motor skills and general movement, and balance skills throughout Key Stage 1. This progresses to the application of these skills to team games which support the improvement of fitness and well-being in Key Stage 2. Children coming into Christ the King have limited balance and coordination skills with a lack of core strength and stamina. This impacts on children’s ability to participate fully in day to day learning so teachers ensure that their schemes, coaching and outdoor resources form a part of the school’s curriculum to fill these gaps.

Christ the King follows the National Curriculum for physical education in EYFS and both key stages to enable children to make good progress throughout their time at Christ the King. Teachers build upon the skills acquired in previous year groups and adapt lessons so that all children can participate and reach end of key stage expectations.  Physical Education is embedded within the school day with many opportunities for movement and physical activity provided across the school. This includes two weekly PE sessions for all pupils, some led by experienced coaches as well as use of outdoor learning, time for free play in the outdoors and use of the resources within school.