Christ the King CVA



‘Christ the King welcomes everyone in our community as we share the joys of our Faith. We worship, learn and play together in the love of Jesus, helping one another to develop the talents given to us by God.’

OUR Motto

'Believe and Achieve at Christ the King'


Our school has a particular distinctiveness, in that it seeks to represent the Gospel teachings of Jesus Christ and the teachings of the Catholic Church in all that we do. We strive to develop the talents of every member of our community, and use our God-given gifts for the greater good.

Prayer, play and learning are at the forefront of our curriculum and shape the daily life of the school. All pupils are actively engaged in living out the mission every day and are shining examples of what it means to be a missionary disciple. Pupils show respect for themselves and each other as we were all made in the image and likeness of God. We respect each other’s divine uniqueness and thank God for making us special.

Our School Motto is ‘Believe and Achieve’, but what does this mean for our children and families?

At Christ the King, we believe:

  • God made the world and all of us, so we look after our world and love our neighbours as ourselves 
  • That God gave us all our gifts and talents, so we should use them and share them for the good of others
  • Christ is our King and is at the centre of our school community, guiding our decisions and helping us make the right choices 
  • That we should always try our best and use every opportunity to learn and grow



Mission Statement Awards


Each week, class teachers nominate one pupil who has lived out the School Mission Statement from their class.  We celebrate their successes by giving the children a big round of applause in assembly as well as a special sticker.

On the Infant Site we call this award our ‘Magnificent Missionaries’ and on the Juniors it is known as the ‘CTK Missionaries’’ award. 

We are incredibly proud of all of our children at Christ the King and particularly those who have been selected by their teacher for living out our School Mission Statement. Please see below for details of the children who have been chosen for the award this week and the reasons why they have been selected:


Magnificent Missionaries (Infant)

Wednesday 19th May:






For settling into a new school life at Christ the King, and showing resilience, enthusiasm and humour at all times!



Isabella is really impressing me and Ms Howson with her independent writing in phonics. She is really trying her best and her handwriting looks like a Year 1s work! Isabella, keep up with this amazing attitude towards your work! You are a star!



Jesse is a little ray of sunshine and he lights up the entire classroom. He is kind, funny and works so hard in everything he does. His little laugh makes me the happiest teacher and I am very lucky to have him in my class.


Zofia (Zoh-sha)

Zofia is a great role model for other members of the class as she always tries her best. She has a great attitude to learning and she always listens carefully. You are a super star Zofia!



For always working so hard and putting 110% into all that she does. She is such a helpful and compassionate friend and we love having her in our class!



For being a resilient learner in all of our lessons. When Lena makes a mistake, she smiles and moves on! She has a wonderful attitude to learning!



Isla has been a resilient learner this week and has been correcting her good mistakes in maths. In phonics she has been giving her best effort and is becoming more confident in applying her phonics learning.



John-Xavier always listens carefully and pays attention during lessons. He is also very polite and respectful towards both the staff and the children in our class.



We have been really impressed with Hannah’s work in RE this week. I was so pleased to see her including how she was going to be a missionary disciple this week. Wow!

CTK Missionaries (Junior)

Wednesday 19th May:






For taking the lead and helping his group to create our class liturgy last week.



For the amazing contributions made in our class mass this week! Not only did our 4 readers create a prayerful atmosphere, but Father John was particularly impressed with your knowledge of Pentecost and the 7 gifts of the Holy Spirit. Well done for sharing the joys of our faith.



For taking what she had learnt in our Theme lessons last week even further by going home and doing extra research about Hurricane Katrina, then bringing in a Powerpoint slide with the information she had found out.



Lilly is such a hard worker and good friend. She is always trying her best with her work and at being good, kind and helpful.



For sharing the joy of learning in English this week where he has shared his ideas in a group to discuss whether chocolate should be allowed in school.



Jennifer spent a significant amount of time at the weekend practising her times tables and now she is an absolute times table megastar. She has set an example to others showing how putting a bit of time aside and not giving up can really help you achieve your goals.


Oscar O

Oscar created a beautiful poster in RE this week all about how we can be one of God’s people. Well done, Oscar!



For always trying his best and working hard to improve in his learning all times.



Nana and Kacper have shown their teamwork skills this week by creating a fantastic maths poster together. They have shared their love of learning with others.



For sharing her patience and creativity once again: making paper cranes as a symbol of hope.



For showing great kindness, encouragement and compassion to his partner in PE this week.



For going above and beyond in liturgy planning and preparation last week: Jessica made a powerpoint presentation of pictures to illustrate the Gospel as it was read out, as well as writing her own closing prayer linking to the liturgy’s theme of witness.