Christ the King CVA


Geography is taught as a driver for our Theme topics, with links being made to other areas of the curriculum where those links are strong.  Children coming into Christ the King have limited knowledge of the world around them, especially geographical context and awareness of place. Teachers ensure that these experiences and resources form a part of the school’s curriculum to fill these gaps - such as Local Area Visits, fieldwork and the implementation of Eco Warriors across all year groups. Vocabulary is also given a central focus due to the low literacy entry points of the children to the school.

Christ the King follows the National Curriculum for geography in all year groups to enable children to make good progress from EYFS to Year 6.  Teachers make links to knowledge acquired in previous year groups explicit and adapt lessons so that all children can participate and reach end of year expectations. There are ample opportunities for children to use their reading skills in research and their mathematical skills when recording and analysing data, reading maps and when using compasses and coordinates.